#MPRRaccoon Is Basically Free-Soloing a Skyscraper

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you may have noticed that #mprraccoon is trending. Why? On Monday, the raccoon became stuck on a ledge in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The Minnesota Public Radio team was on top of it. (Hence the MPR in its name.)

Earlier today, a few maintenance workers tried to improvise a way for the animal to climb down from the building, but instead, the raccoon fled to the nearby UBS tower and began climbing upward. That’s when people began to take notice. Soon, the creature had scaled nearly half the height of the building, making  national news.

Near the 22nd floor, the raccoon took another break. It must be tired—it’s been without food and water for at least a day, according to MPR reporter Tim Nelson.

After the nap, the raccoon continued its upward climb.

As of this writing, the procyonid was nearing the top of the building.

What will happen next? We wait with bated breath. (While watching @TimNelson’s Twitter account—it really is the best spot for the latest.)

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