Outside's Picks for People of the Year

We bring you the year’s most fearless athletes, activists, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and lifesavers. From Alex Honnold, whose climbs of El Cap left us all gasping for air, to the women surfers breaking barriers on the world’s biggest waves, to the Navajo runners uplifting Native American communities, these are the visionaries who inspired us most.

2018’s Most Impactful Entrepreneurs

Meet the minds shaping and building the big business of the outdoors.

John Foley (Emiliano Granado)

2018’s Most Accomplished Athletes

From big-wall climbers to surf champions, these are the most dedicated, successful, and brave athletes of the year.

Alex Honnold (Peter Bohler/Redux)

2018’s Boldest Activists

These are the movers and shakers inspiring positive change in the outdoors.

Juliana v. the U.S. plaintiffs (Robin Loznak)

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