Why I Love the Yeti Camino Carryall Tote

When I was growing up in Maine, my family brought L.L.Bean tote bags everywhere. They carried groceries from the store, my gear to soccer practice, and towels to the beach.

And while those totes are great for hauling gear, they have their flaws. Stuff them too big and they can’t be carried with one hand, they aren’t rigid enough to stand up on their own, and the canvas gets moldy over time. Recently, I’ve upgraded to the Yeti Camino Carryall ($150), and besides bringing back memories of my childhood, it has reminded me why tote bags are the most useful gear haulers. This version also solves all those aforementioned issues.

In true Yeti fashion, the Camino is built with a thick, waterproof shell, just like what you’ll find on the brand’s soft coolers. A semirigid bottom keeps the bag upright and open, even when not stuffed full. That means I can throw in my gross fishing boots and waders, dirty running shoes, and muddy mountain bike clothes and keep my car clean. When I get home, the Camino is easy to hose out and dries quickly.

The Camino’s biggest strength is its simplicity. It may be the most durable bag ever built, but it’s still just a bag. Besides the 35-liter main opening and the overbuilt webbing handles, the only other real feature is the small side pouch that’s just big enough to hold your wallet, keys, or sunscreen. For this reason, some may balk at the price tag, but I’ve been using my tote seven days a week, and it will probably last my entire life. For me, it’s worth the money.

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